What is it like to be an ABBYY Customer?

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What is it like to be an ABBYY Customer?

The Industry-Leading Digital Intelligence Company is partnered with leading automation vendors and solution providers. Together they are changing the way we do business.

Planning and executing a successful automation strategy is simply not possible without a comprehensive view of the business operation and all the details related to the People, Processes, and Data that impact its performance. I would like to share how ABBYY, a global leader in Digital Intelligence for the enterprise, is helping companies optimize their Digital Transformation projects with one solution — a platform approach.

Optimum allocation of human and machine tasks in the future will require broader analysis that combines RPA, emerging AI building blocks like ML, and process mining to identify staff training needs, locate process bottlenecks, and target application performance issues. — Forrester

ABBYY introduced its Digital Intelligence platform earlier this year as a single platform that integrates the industry’s most powerful Content Intelligence and Process Intelligence solutions. By deeply integrating these solutions, not only can they help you understand documents and process flows, but they can also give you a deeper understanding of the entire process lifecycle, including details that are only possible if you understand how data in particular documents impact the process (and vice versa).

Let’s first look at Costain, a leading smart infrastructure solutions company. Costain selected ABBYY as the chosen technology partner for its finance digitization strategy.

As an ABBYY customer, Costain reaped the benefits content and process intelligence in action. The company transformed its procure-to-pay operation (P2P process) from a largely manual process to an automated one. They implemented an end-to-end solution that can fetch an invoice, capture, identify, and extract the essential data within it. Once this is complete, the process continues and is handed over to the RPA (aka the digital worker). The digital worker then posts the invoice into the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

By using a combination of ABBYY technology and RPA developed with UiPath partner Agile, the faster process is driving efficiency — with 80% of purchase invoices no longer needing human intervention. This, combined with the addition of scanning delivery notes, revolutionized the day-to-day work of the dedicated finance team, enabling them to focus on value-add activities. The digital transformation also generated significant cost savings at a major infrastructure project in London.

“Collaborative work with ABBYY is part of our continued commitment to invest in technology to transform our finance function. We will continue to seek to use the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to make our business as efficient and competitive as possible.” — Tony Bickerstaff, CFO at Costain.

ABBYY is partnered with just about all the robotic process automation (RPA) vendors including Blue Prism, UiPath, Robitquity, and more. ABBYY solutions have made organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to the largest enterprises in the world, more efficient by thoughtfully combining advanced solutions that deliver the best results for your business. The solutions are supported and developed with artificial intelligence, optical character recognition (OCR), advanced process mining, and the leading natural language processing technologies. With this platform approach organizations aren’t just automating the digitization of their processes. They are able to pinpoint their most critical and often complex processes. This reduces the time spent on manual data entry or document conversion, makes information more accessible to both in-office and remote workers, and delivers the highest return on investment for your business in cost savings and customer experience.

ABBYY has combined a completely new approach to Process Intelligence with the World’s leading data capture and NLP technologies and powers them with hundreds of the most advanced AI and machine learning techniques to give numerous options for seamlessly integrating with your preferred automation solutions.

Some of ABBYY’s Fortune 100 customers choose ABBYY due to their unmatched accuracy in process and content understanding. This and the robust feature sets that include easy to use point and click solutions. ABBYY solutions are simple to deploy with cloud, on-premises, and private cloud offerings that can get your next initiative off the ground in weeks rather than months. With millions of complex process workflows automated each year, companies like your expect to save millions of dollars annually.

So why should you trust ABBYY?

Because over 5000 customers trust their business to them — including many of the World’s largest companies, ABBYY is the undisputed technology leader in the digital intelligence space and has hundreds of patents to prove it. Moreover, they are recognized by industry analysts as the leader in Intelligent Document Processing.