What Is SELF Platform?

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About SELF Platform

SELF Platform is a rewards-based tool that incentivizes individuals for their disciplined efforts in achieving academic, fitness and spiritual goals. Intended to promote harmony between the mind, body, and soul, SELF is revolutionizing the way in which individuals articulate their ambitions to live a more responsible, determined and fulfilled lifestyle. Combining sophisticated technology with a user-friendly experience, the platform is personalized for each user based on a unique astrological component. By aligning a rewards system with data-based challenges determined by an individual’s horoscope, we’re excited to empower a generation fueled by ambitious spirit, self-accountability, and an appetite to thrive within the universe.


At SELF Platform, we recognize the importance of nurturing a disciplined and ambitious spirit in an effort to maintain harmony between the mind, body, and soul. By investing in yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, you can help to alleviate stress, manage energy and improve your overall quality of life. SELF encourages students to strive for success throughout multiple areas of their lives with the intention to refine skills and flourish inside and out of the classroom. By developing a platform that combines an incentive-based structure with astrological data to help users navigate their everyday lives, we’re making it easy and fun to stay motivated.

How It Works

Using a sophisticated A.I. & Blockchain technology, the astrology-fueled SELF Platform supports users on their journeys towards improved overall health and wellness throughout their lives on a physical, mental and spiritual level. By introducing a rewards-based structure, students are encouraged to monitor academic and fitness-based goals such as following through with a workout, earning high test scores, having a good attendance record and even learning something new. Simply connect your Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Fit or any school portal to our API feed to allow SELF to access and monitor your activities. Upon entering your birth information, you’ll be provided with detailed two-hour reports on the transits occurring between the planets and its effect on your day, life and even current circumstance. Based on user progress and data analytics, you’ll be presented with personalized challenges for a chance to earn SELF coins that you can redeem for products, gift cards, restaurant discounts, and other exciting rewards.

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