What is Semisupervised learning?[ML0to100] — S1E5

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What is Semisupervised learning?[ML0to100] — S1E5

Some algorithms can deal with data that’s partially labeled. This is called semisupervised learning

Semisupervised learning with two classes (triangles and squares): the unlabeled examples (circles) help classify which class a new instance (marked by the cross) belongs to, in this case into the triangle class rather than the square class, even though it is closer to the labeled squares

Usecase Example- Google Photos

— Once you upload all your family photos to the service, it automatically recognizes that the same person A shows up in photos 1, 5, and 11, while another person B shows up in photos 2, 5, and 7. This is the unsupervised part of the algorithm (clustering). Now all the system needs are for you to tell it who these people are. Just add one label per per‐ son4 and it is able to name everyone in every photo, which is useful for searching photos

Most semisupervised learning algorithms are combinations of unsupervised and supervised algorithms.

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