What is the Path to Learn Machine Learning?

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What is the Path to Learn Machine Learning?

You really cannot be absolutely perfect in anything in the world. All you can do is gradually get better with discipline and rigorous practice and then try to improve yourself more

What do I have to learn if I want to understand machine learning?

Machine learning is applied in almost every field of work today. It mainly involves statistical methodologies, some discrete math and co-ordinates geometry, some optimization/operational research concepts, some game theory concepts if you are into AI programming, etc. But all these are just for the entry-level problems that you can solve with machine learning. But I would suggest not to give too much stress on the subsidiary fields of study and only study an associated topic if the algorithm demands so. Learn as you go is the best strategy to follow.

Is it difficult to code widely used machine learning algorithms?

If you can balance an AVL tree just by understanding the pseudo-code of the algorithm, then I believe coding machine learning algorithms would not be that difficult for you. Entry-level problems require almost the same amount of brain work as balancing a simple AVL tree. Most widely used machine learning algorithms are already implemented via machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Scikit learn, Azure, Amazon ML, Watson, etc. For popular algorithms, you only need to know the algorithm, the supporting theories that were used to form the algorithm and it’s application. These frameworks provide you with single liner methods to implement an algorithm and get the results. And yes, it’s that easy to code. Understanding the concepts behind a particular algorithm is a challenging task at the beginning when you have little to no knowledge of stat or math.

How much time do I need to learn everything that machine learning has to offer?

well, it depends on which method you take to learn and practice your machine learning if you are going through a well planned out tutorial or course with proper projects I am sure you’ll be a champ in few days!,

one such course is the online course which I came to know New Machine Learning Project Course for Beginners which will take roughly 4 days to complete going with 3 hours a day

the best part is that you’ll be provided with a certificate at the end to mark your successful completion of the course!

so how long will it take you? Well, perhaps a lifetime. But then again, to get an entry-level job, you have to spend at least one year rigorously studying and analyzing machine learning related problems. It is even better if you can concentrate your efforts in a particular field such as hedging, banking, investment, automobile industry, transportation and logistics etc. but it can be reduced, if you do some course side by side t hone your skills likeNew Machine Learning Project Course for Beginners

Best machine learning Courses from zero to hero

so to develop and practice ML properly you should refer the course to get practical problems to solve! so that you become better at it more quickly!

hope the course will help you reduce the time! happy reading!