What is the value of the AI Guild?

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What is the value of the AI Guild?

Be a community member or a founding member

The AI Guild brings together expert, senior, and junior practitioners in Europe and worldwide in pursuit of accelerated AI adoption by focusing on productionizing AI in relevant use and business cases. We value diversity and also the gender balance we achieve in our community activities. If this sounds interesting to you, then please read on about the members, the value the AI Guild creates, and how to become a community or founding member.

Productionizing relevant use and business cases has the following implications:

  1. Establishing for any use case if the deployment of e.g. Data Science or Deep Learning is relevant, and then working in cross-functional teams (including user, tech, and business perspectives) when building a new product or supercharging an existing one.
  2. Creating standards for deployment of AI and establishing best practices in industry and startups, and notably also for freelance contracts.
  3. Leveraging the joint expertise and experience for co-creating an environment conducive to accelerated AI adoption and its ethical implementation across industries and governments.

Members of the AI Guild

As of October 2019, the 200+ members of the AI Guild typically are

  • Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning engineers, and Deep Learning engineers — working in startups and industry or freelancing.
  • AI researchers at universities, hospitals, and in international research organizations.
  • Practitioners working on the use and business case of AI in roles such as product, business, marketing, and so on.
  • Startup co-founders and business executives.

The AI Guild is set up to create the following benefits for key member groups such as experts and seniors, entrepreneurs and freelancers, and also for new talent.

AI experts

AI experts typically have a track record of five or more years in industry and startups, and have shipped products. Often experts are in the role of a technical lead or team lead, and possibly also in management or executive role. If you are an expert, then some of the things you can achieve with the AI Guild include

  1. Launch new products faster — Tap into the combined expertise of the AI Guild to cut down technical development time while nailing the use case
  2. Build better teams — If you can show the use and business case, you can draw on the AI Guild member network to build a better team for delivery
  3. Have more impact — Get recognition across companies and industry for your leadership