What makes a Data Scientist? Help validate demand for a new data analytics platform.

Original article was published by Dan Humphreys on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Problem Statement

Most data science tools require programming experience, in-depth mathematical knowledge, or both. Therefore there exists a lack of useful tools available to help data scientists solve problems in an effective and efficient manner, since they may lack knowledge in these areas.

What makes a Data Scientist?

I am of the opinion that experienced* data scientists are generally:

  • mathematicians who have developed computer science and/or problem-solving skills
  • computer scientists who have developed maths and/or problem-solving skills
  • engineers who have developed maths and/or programming skills

*I say ‘experienced’ since in recent years it has been possible to study data science exclusively at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Business Hypothesis

So the business hypothesis I’m looking to validate is this:

Data scientists who lack detailed programming experience or in depth mathematical skills will pay for a graphical web application that will help them solve data science problems.

Business Hypothesis – Validation

To validate the hypothesis I need to prove that data scientists will pay for a solution, so I have built a (very much less than) Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP consists of a web application which at the moment allows a user to carry out a linear regression calculation using a simple dataset and returns the Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE).

My MVP is currently available via twinkly.io.


So how can you help?

You think there is a gap in the market for an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ style, data science graphical web application. You think the hypothesis is worthwhile and are willing to help prove it. Then sign up for the early stage adopters plan and subscribe to start using twinkly.io, the fee is a nominal £1 per month with no minimum term. I’m looking for keen early-stage adopters who would be willing to use the service and provide feedback to enable me to start building a valuable product for you.

You think the demand isn’t there. It’s not something you think is worthwhile. Then please enter the discussion by commenting on the article and tell me why. Or alternatively, just read the article, don’t comment, and don’t signup. That’s validation evidence too.