What Makes VARC Unique?

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

There are some VARC core features, that make this project unique and worth your attention!

📌Sharing Economy
1. Peer-to-peer payment system.
2.A purely distributed system for sharing economy.
3. Respects and encourages users to generate and exchange new and diverse values.
4. Promotes an economy of sharing and cooperation and not of monopoly and competition.

📌Social Media
1. Encourages posting of humanist and community-oriented economic content.
2. ANN transaction matching system.
3. Establishes KS relations based on economic exchange.
4. Fosters entertainment and social function.

1. An innovative tool for realizing ideals of sharing economy
2. Ensures trust in the system.
3. Ensures the validity of the platform and algorithms.
4. Fosters spontaneous mutual trust along with peer-to-peer networks.
5. Ensures validity, reliability, and effectiveness of criteria for value transactions.

📌Global Marketplace

1. An unprecedented relationship-oriented marketplace
2. Peer-to-peer payment system
3. Supports diverse forms of transactions, including sales, bartering, auctions, etc.

📌Big Data

1. Capable of analyzing large quantities of data with speed and precision.
2. Provides useful and practical marketing information based on informal data analysis.
3. Effective protection of privacy.

📌Artificial Intelligence

1. System interface designed with UX in mind
2. Smart push alarms.
3. Big data-based convergence content.
4. Features to maximize the convenience of transaction and negotiation (Chatbot, etc.)