What to expect in ‘Technology through the Prism’ Publication?

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What to expect in ‘Technology through the Prism’ Publication?

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An introduction to what a reader may expect in this publication

Hello !

I welcome my readers to the exciting world where they will get an opportunity not only to explore the latest technologies but also to reinforce their fundamental concepts about these technologies. The intent of this publication is to help those who wish to evolve into future technologists from tech-novices. Applying a technology without getting the basics right can be disastrous and unfulfilling. The articles are intended to strengthen your basics and facilitate idea generation.

To begin with we plan to enlighten our readers on fundamentals of exciting fields Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain Technology, Product Evaluations, etc. We may add to the list as we go…!!

So happy learning…!

-Supriya Aras (Chief Editor : Technology through the Prism)