What Will Be The Future Of Technology ??

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What Will Be The Future Of Technology ??

The Technology Industry i-e IT and Computer Industry are evolving at its best rate in 20’s centuries. There are a lot and very important revolutions happened in last 2–3 Decades. And it’s still developing.

So, If we want to settle ourselves in this fast developing World. We must start to gain some knowledge about the Future of Technologies.

List of the Top Technology that will rule over the World:

1) Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is the most fast developing technologies in the world.Maybe you are wondering what is Artificial Intelligence? In simple words Google’s OkGoogle and Apple’s Siri are the AI. You are using it daily without knowing it isn’t that Cool !!! Like you are using most advanced technologies without knowing.

Day will come when you will do almost anything without moving a single muscle of your body. You must be confused How is that possible ??

Well , AI is the Artificial Brain which is designed by Humans using computer coding to perform some Time Taking and Hard things in very efficient and fast way.

2) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Creating an Imaginary Environment which is not real but it feels like real, that’s where these Technologies comes in contact.

These two technologies are the most Exciting but kind of difficult to develop. Though many Tech Companies are working on AR and VR Tech to give better user experience. There are many products in market if you want to get experience of these, but they are expensive as there are lots of sensors, wires involved in them. The evolution of these technologies is helping main sectors like Healthcare, Transport, Education, Military etc. You know that Pockmon Go famous game? Yes!! That game was developed On AR technology. In Future all games will be based on AR and VR Tech.

3) IOT (Internet Of Things):

IOT is nothing but connecting the things to internet so they can do some tasks on their own. In fact Internet of Things is self-explanatory name. This system consists of the sensors which communicate with cloud with some kind of digital language. Once they communicate with each other and data get to cloud, then software processes the information and some actions might be performed.

Hard To Understand??

In simple words, Suppose if you want to turn on your AC at home from your office so that when you go to home temperature will be as you want, you can do this with IOT cause your AC will be connected to your phone and you can access it from any where on the world. Just like accessing camera. It’s that Simple. Many companies are Developing IOT so that they can make user experience much easier.

4) Blockchain

Blockchain is structural technology that stores transactions records also known as blocks. It is the information of public in several databases known as chain. So called “Block Chain” . They are connected through peer to peer nodes. There are source that tells that BlockChain Tech could boost the economy by USD $1.76 trillion by 2023.


Automation is nothing but Automatic Control, is the use of various systems for operating equipment like machinery, calculation, switching telephone networks, automatic assembly machines, manufacturing car etc.

With rapid development of AI and Robotics automation is at tipping point. Today automation perform almost any work assigned to it without any human interaction. If this technology boots in future it will almost replace half of the world-wide workforce.

Thank You !!!


The future of the technology is nothing but future of mankind. Technology will take over many industries and make it very easy to do things which are time taken and hard for humans. In future there will be nothing which is impossible to get information about or to learn new things. One day everyone will have own personal assistant (AI- Like siri, Amazon Alexa) who manages all professional work as well as personal. In fact, AI and IOT will take over humans just like today mobile phone does.