What’s New in Google’s AI-Powered “Hum to Search” Song Feature

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What’s New in Google’s AI-Powered “Hum to Search” Song Feature

AI-Powered way to Search Your Favourite Song

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Everything that we can imagine is now possible with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Have you ever imagined if you can find the song you heard in someplace with only music running in your mind? You might have asked your best friend like this.

What’s that song that goes like this “hum hum hum hum hum.” But your friend (A Human Being) also fails to tell you the song name.

Artificial intelligence has proved that it can now read what’s going in your mind, but a human being can’t. It is all possible with the massive amount of data present, Machine Learning Algorithms, and the high processing power machines.

The main feature of this humming thing is that even if you are in a noisy background this features works well and accurately and also to use this feature, you don’t need to be a singer, you can do the humming, and google will do the rest of the work using its AI-powered algorithms and high-end computational power.

The feature currently works in 20 languages. That means we can do the humming, and google will find the song in 20 different languages. It is not yet known what those twenty lists of languages are. I have tested it in Hindi and English songs, and it works pretty fast and accurate.

How Google Does It

I was curious about the technology working behind the scenes, and I found out that it uses Google’s Next Generation Music Recognition feature. It uses the deep learning algorithms that can be feed with a large amount of data to train our model. Previously, Google launched the similar feature in Pixel 2 phones to play a song on another device, and Pixel’s phone can recognize the song using the music and the lyrics. We can now use our voice in the Google Search feature and find the song just by humming even without lyrics.

How to Use “Hum to Search” Feature Efficiently

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You can just say, “Ok Google, What’s this song?” or you can add the shortcut from the Google Widgets. You need to do the humming for about 10–15 seconds, and in the next moment, you can find the song running in your mind.

How do You Like this Feature?

Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

This new AI-Powered searching feature was just launched last week. You can use this feature more efficiently after updating your Google app. For the IOS user in Siri, this feature is not available as of now. But being a breakthrough feature, Siri might have this feature soon. This feature is like a blessing for many of us as we can do the humming and find the song; We don’t need to ask others or search around by guessing the lyrics.