Where Is Our Mind?

Original article was published on Deep Learning on Medium

If we are somewhat ‘in control’ of our conscious observations throughout time and space — then where are our minds? If our consciousness is the ‘core’ of our being, and our bodies are simply just the ‘carriers’ of our minds… then when I lay in bed, my eyes closed, and I force my consciousness into the depths of the past — at least my direct past (my memories), where am I?

Yes, my body lays, my heart beats, my eyelids flutter in The Present, but in the Multiverse, where is my mind — my consciousness? Is it entirely possible that I have entered another dimension? Another universe? I mean, my consciousness is experiencing something vastly separate from the frequencies, the atmospheric pressure, the temperature, etc, that my body is experiencing in its current resting place…

And if I were taking lessons and constructs away from the actions of my past — as I perceived them — and then through another ‘layer’ of the Multiverse and back into The Present, was I just travelling through space and time? Was I interjecting my consciousness through the seemingly infinite seams of the Multiverse?

Then I guess the real question would be: Are our minds ever really present? Or are we just floating through various and perpetual conscious observations throughout the Multiverse?

Perhaps the only time our minds are ever really present is when we ask ourselves a question; the pure moment as our brains conjure the words that form That Question. As the cogs in our mind spin to direct us to the point of Question. But as soon as we ask ourselves The Question, could it not be that our minds instantly return to the past? To another place in time, to another multiverse where we seek the answers from our experiences and from the knowledge that we once gained — in the past?

And what about those strange moments when we almost ‘predict the future’? Those funny feelings we get when something bad is about to happen to us or others. These premonitions of future turmoil people state. Or even moments of De Ja Vu. What is the explanation for these strange phenomenons?

Are we now immersed into various layers of The Multiverse? Could it be that our past experiences, concocted with the current present experience, form some kind of insight into the near or far future, derived from another universe?

Who knows.

So there, I ask — no, in fact, I plead the universe: Where are we? And where is my mind?

Sam Dobedoe 2020