Where We Are Now

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

Exploring the self-centered ‘state.’

The self-centered ‘state.’ (Photo by Alexi Romano)

Everybody knows 50–50 is the baseline ‘reality’ for everything. Meaning, an asset is, necessarily, a liability. And, always, vice versa.

Asset and-or liability.

This explains why everyone is ‘glued’ to their ‘cell’ (smart) ‘phones.’ There is a mandatory circular relationship between an individual and any ‘other’ individual. Also, known as ‘individual’ and ‘group.’

Man. Cell. Phone.
Individual and individual.
Individual and group.

Where the word ‘individual’ always describes a self-centered (self-sufficient) state.


This, also, explains, why everything is tied to a ‘cycle’ of some kind. Including, radiation, rotation, revolution. Gravity and relativity (and, of course, uncertainty).

Relativity (uncertainty).

It, also, explains ‘superfluidity’ and ‘superconductivity’ in physics. Mind and matter in philosophy. And id-ego-superego (everything)in psychology.

Superfluditiy and superconductivity.
Id. Ego. Superego.
Mind and matter.

Meaning, the ‘language’ (human, computer) we ‘use’ to ‘describe’ and ‘define’ everything, could not exist without the number ‘two.’ Where the ‘number two,’ is an alternate expression for the ‘number one.’

One and two.
One or two.

This means you can say, via your ‘mind,’ that everything is 50–50, and you will always be half-correct (a very important ‘sentence’) Meaning, if you decide to ‘go there’ half-correct is always-correct (and, half-the-time, never correct). (True and false articulate a circle.)

Half and half.
Half and whole.

This causes us to be cautious about our ‘assumptions.’ Since any assumption is half, and, therefore, completely, correct.

True and false.
True or false.

Explaining why an argument of any kind is a complete waste of time. That, is, if, you, believe in, time.

Time (no-time).
Assumption (no-assumption).

This forces us to take a much ‘deeper’ look into the wherewithal (the ‘why’ and ‘how’) of ‘technology.’ Which gives us the insight (foresight) we need to understand ‘biology.’ And all the other ‘sciences’ (studies of reality) (assumptions about reality).

Zero and one.
Circumference and diameter.

Where an uber-simple circle controls and explains everything about everything (all disciplines included).


Where all of the codes in all of the programs, and all of the sentences in all of the science papers, and all of the paragraphs in all of the metaphorical works of fiction are based on the obvious fact: zero and one is circumference and diameter.

Code. Coding. (Zero.) (One.)

Where the ‘circular’ relationship controls the ‘linear’ relationship, and, always, vice versa. All relationships included.

Relationship. Circular. Linear.

This explains why young people are interested in technology and finance. How the two ‘intersect.’ And, of course, why the two ‘intersect.’

Technology. FInance.

This, also, exposes the flaws in all political systems, renderings of history, opinions any ‘one’ person holds on ‘anything.’ Because there is an obvious circle separating and joining any X and-or Y.

Political arguments. Historical renderings.
X and-or Y. Separated and-or joined.

Meaning, any creative activity is based upon the ‘conservation of a circle.’

Creation and destruction.
Conservation of a circle.

So, now we know, whatever it is we are ‘thinking’ we may ‘want’ to ‘know.’ And, you do not need an advanced degree in any ‘discipline’ to ‘know’ this. Otherwise, you would not ‘venture’ into any ‘advanced’ ‘degree’ about ‘anything.

If zero, then one (if one, then zero).

Meaning, all of us have to ‘choose’ how to ‘use’ our ‘time.’ Or, if we decide to ‘go there,’ we don’t have to do anything at all. Because we have a circular relationship with Nature, which is nothing more, or less, then a self-centered state, controlled and explained by ‘pi.


And, that’s where we are. Right. Now.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in Nature. Explaining, and exposing, everything.