Why Data Science might just not be worth it

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

3. Job Listings are Just Awful

Go over to your favorite job listing website and search for data science jobs. You’d expect skills like SQL, Python, R, Statistics to pop up — and you’d be absolutely right to make this assumption. The problem is, those will be only 30% of the requirements!

Some others may include programming in general, APIs, version controlling, and maybe even some frontend skills. And that sucks for you.

Even if you are coming from the software developer background and have all of the mentioned skills under your belt, there still isn’t that jobs in data science.

Let’s take a look at listing from Indeed.com, taken on the 16th of May, 2020, limited only to the United States:

Data Science — 9,474 jobs
Software developer — 66,647 jobs

Now that’s a big difference.

You might be thinking now that software development is much broader than data science, hence more jobs are available. That’s absolutely true, and that’s why I’ve also searched for a narrower field in software development — Java developer. Let’s see how many job listings there are:

Java Developer — 29,324

Yeah, around 3 times more.

But even if this doesn’t convince you enough, the following few words most certainly will — most data science positions are senior.

That’s right. Most small and medium-sized companies don’t have the same need for data scientists as they have for software developers. Maybe they are even searching for their first data scientist! Do you really think they would hire an intern or a junior to handle the data science-related work? Think twice.