Why Decentralization is Important for the AI Industry

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Why Decentralization is Important for the AI Industry

Artificial Intelligence as a technology is revolutionary. It promises to change everything, from banking systems to healthcare and from Information and Communication technologies to advertising, and even arts. And its most prominent manifestation is in the form of automation of the various functions within these sectors.

But mostly these are very specific purposes, and for the technology to realize its fullest potential there is a pressing need for the development of deep learning mechanisms. Mechanisms that are made up of completely independent machine learning technologies which can process data and analyze them to get results without human guidance (i.e. they do not require labeled data sets).

While such technology is quite difficult to develop, it is essential to note that there are various challenges within the sector for technical progress to be made as well. We will also try to analyze how innovative decentralized models like the ones implemented by OLPORTAL can help solve these problems.

Major Problems in the AI Sector

As mentioned earlier there are many problems that conventionally companies trying to develop Artificial Intelligence technologies have to deal with. Some of the most common problems include:

  • On the data front, there is not only a lack of availability of quality data sets for training, as these systems are centralized and tampered by a huge user base with no stake in the progress of the technology, but concerns regarding privacy also exist. Centralized systems make the users’ data virtually available to the host server, making it unsafe for many users to trust such systems with sensitive information. Moreover, labeling in assisted models can be a problem, since often the huge data sets mined by the systems are beyond human resource capabilities of the companies responsible for labeling them.
  • Human resource constraints in terms of trained experts is also a problem in the sector, as very few people are capable of actually designing such systems and assisted easy to use modules are very rarely available.
  • Finally, business integration and marketing appears as a major issue for the AI sector. While very few clients actually recognize the need for AI integration within their business, it is often difficult for many of the smaller firms to get in touch with the larger service providers. That is to say, the market suffers from a lack of communication, which is detrimental for both service providers and potential clients.

How Does OLPORTAL Help?

OLPORTAL provides a decentralized platform for the showcasing of different pre-trained AI chatbots. Being a decentralized system, different stake-holders individual or corporate clients get access to different AI technologies, making the market more vibrant.

Moreover, the OLPORTAL platform also provides superior data protection because of its decentralized nature. Being on a blockchain the data consensually provided by the users at the time of registration is virtually inaccessible and untraceable to the owner on the system.

Finally, since all the stakeholders on OLPORTAL have an equal stake in the functioning of the technology, most of the data provided are suited for the system. And given the nature of the platform, many of the data labeling functions are served by the users themselves, making it easier for the system to improve once these technologies are put up on the platform by the user after training. All these features can go a long way in solving both the problem of data quality and human resource scarcity in the sector through a cooperative model.

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