Why I started Blogging(About AI)?

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Why I started Blogging(About AI)?

First of all I indroduce myself, I am kabilan. I’m a CS Engineering Student doing my second year. I’m from India(South India, Tamil Nadu). I very much intrested and passionate in AI. I am going to blog about deep learning techniques and also to share useful resources related to AI education. As a community we shall discuss Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.

Why I started Blogging?

Blogging helps me to share What I learned to others and also helps me to connect with different people in the AI community like researchers, mentors, AI engineers, AI Enthusiasts, students etc. Before 1 year when I started learning Deep Learning I didn’t know where to get started I have red many articles, blogs etc and watched many videos in Youtube but all these things looks quit confusing.So, in the upcoming blogs I’ll help you to get started if you are a absolute beginner in Deep Learning.Also I will share the prerequsits for Machine learning.

Stay connected . Have a great day.

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