Why machine learning is the next industrial age

It’s no longer a question of if or when. It’s here.

When most people who don’t code think of machine learning or artificial intelligence, they think of entire human-like entities with minds just as vast and curious as our own.

And who knows, maybe some day that might happen. But right now, machine learning is growing in pockets. Pockets where “brainy pieces” that are really good at sub set skills excel at what they do.

They are not complex enough to convey meaning of life, the university and everything (at east, not yet). No these current machine learning designs are really good at niche.

They are chat bots for retail. Unseen forces moving in and around cloud computing, they are the internet of things. They are scanning our finance sectors for growing trends and self-driving the auto industry (literally).

And that’s why its really important to get on the bleeding edge of this technology. People are experimenting, building better models and more ingenious applications for their use.

It’s hard to visualise the importance of this so let’s travel back in time.

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. December 17, 1903.

Two brothers set a large airplane on level ground against the wind, the engine made the object heavier than a glyder by far, and enabled the machine to fly 12 seconds for a total of 120 feet.

It was the first aircraft to successfully take off into the air for a sustained period of time and land. This transformed how humanity travels and engages with the rest of the world.

Wright Brothers Plane — First successful flight

It was huge. A huge deal. But try to imagine for a moment, being in that era prior to that achievement. Countless hours (some seemingly comical in nature) of people trying to take off into the air and come crashing down. Each contraption more ridiculous than the last.

And among those doing the same thing, we’re these two brothers — Orville & Wilbur Wright.

They took existing technologies like carpentry and mechanics and created an entirely new technology that never before existed. Crashes were had. Mistakes made. Time and time again.

Had these two not been there in the thick of it during this era, being actively involved and engaged, intimately familiar with whose who and the race to be the first. they would have been lost in the dust and someone else eventually would have taken that crowning achievement from them.

Make no mistake, artificial intelligence and machine learning is at that same forefront, where developments and new applications using same or similar technologies is making us that one step closer to an entirely new industrial revolution.

Everything from being able to detect cancer cells before humans can, understand our spoken language, driving cars, recognising not just any face, but yours among everyone else’s, the list goes on. And this is just the beginning.

And what’s so insane about this era of machine learning, is that there isn’t a single industry that won’t in one way or another not benefit from it.

So from a developer’s point of view, there is so much untapped potential to work on, so many experiments and new applications to create. Improvements in every sector and in every home all across the globe.

Time is short, the potential is untold.

Lets hustle.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium