Why religions are beating by science?

Original article was published by Fahim Chughtai on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Science is just a tool to find facts and truths. Science is a tool in itself. Science has a disciplined way to search and acquire. So question is, there is another way to find truth, fact about humans and universe?

Your honest answer will be, “NO”.

Science requires open mind and curiosity. The process of finding facts is developing day by day ,Artificial intelligence is helping scientific process to find facts. Microscopes, telescopes and other equipments are example. Today we are more confident about humans and universe. We have a certainty about the future of humans and universe because we have knowledge due to science. Science do not make only claims but it has a certain way to find whether the claim is true or not.

Science is a verb, continues effort and curiosity.there is no full stop in science but it doesn’t mean that facts can be prove wrong tomorrow. It simply means day by day we are boosting up our knowledge and techniques. We are developing more accurate equipments, and they will give us more precise results.

Just look around, everything is science ,from your bedroom to space station. In everything, science is involved.

So today, religions are unable to meet with with science. They are still standing on very first position and science is growing up day by day. Science is giving us facts, religion is giving is faith.