Why Robotics Now?

Original article was published by Jennifer Brozak on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Across all industries, businesses are turning to robotics to automate tasks, streamline operations, and reduce costs. While every business is different, there are a primary set of factors that typically drive businesses to pursue robotics implementation.

First, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have shifted to a remote workforce. Robotics can help to alleviate challenges by enabling remote, contact-less work. This has proven beneficial for the health care industry, where autonomous robots can perform routine tasks and allow clinical workers to focus on patient care.

Robotics can also act as a force multiplier for industries that are struggling to find skilled labor. By augmenting physical tasks that require “heavy lifting,” robots can help businesses keep aging, knowledgeable workers on the job much longer. In addition, businesses often find it challenging to hire workers to perform dull, dangerous, and dirty jobs. Robotics can perform those types of jobs in a faster, safer and more reliable manner than humans can — which is why we are seeing the adoption of robotics in many non-traditional industries that are struggling to fill hiring gaps, such as agriculture, construction and the service industry.

Another concern businesses often have is the “Fear of Missing Out,” or FOMO. Once a business decides to automate its operations via robotics, its competitors will be forced to evolve or risk falling behind. One of the major issues with FOMO is that following every trend and haphazardly implementing technology can lead to increased inefficiencies. If implemented with a proven vendor, robotics innovations can enable businesses to disrupt their industries and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

Venturing into robotics may sound complex and intimidating, but it does not have to be. Here at RE2 Robotics, we are helping businesses across numerous industries discover the benefits of implementing robotics and automation. If you interested in learning how robotics can enhance your business, contact us at myrobots@resquared.com. You can also learn more about the factors driving robotic implementation by downloading our eBook, “Maximizing Your Robotics Investment.”