Why Sales Acceleration tools must for CRM?

Original article was published by Kreato CRM on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Why Sales Acceleration tools must for CRM?

Sales CRM systems lacking sales acceleration tools fails to improve sales performance, don’t help sales teams to be efficient, productive & competitive.

With lack of sales acceleration tools in CRM, sales team cannot scientifically drive sales pipeline, customer engagement and team performance, as they will have no access to much needed predictive & pipeline insights, scientific approaches, engagement recommendations and performance intelligence.

Thus it fails sales teams on focusing on the right deal, proactively identifying pipeline risks, deriving accurate forecasts, efficiently engaging with customers
and addressing team performance bottlenecks

If you are looking to help your sales team with AI driven Sales CRM, then you could try Kreato — a Sales CRM Platform powered by in-built Sales Acceleration AI — Axlerate. Axlerate AI has been provided with capabilities to augment sales team decision making and execution capabilities throughout the LOC (Lead-Opportunity-Closure) sales cycle to sell faster, smarter and more.