Why Use Google’s Api.ai in Building Artificial Intelligence {Chat Bot}

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Why Use Google’s Api.ai in Building Artificial Intelligence {Chat Bot}?

Artificial Intelligence or AI made a big difference in the functions and management of human transactions. Using AI, there is a sure way of communicating both internal and external. AI touched great possibilities of making people’s lives easy through communication and other means of sharing information using machine learning.

Defined as a set of programming interfaces, the Google’s Api.ai allows Google services to a fast and reliable way of communicating with other services. In using the Google’s Api.ai, you have the advantage of using or testing the functionality of machine learning analytics, functionality, and other related applications.

Aside from the functionality, it gives on machine learning, it also sets a big benefit in building a chat bot through the following reasons:

Simple Approach

If you are going to build a chat bot, you might require other alternatives to make the work easier. In doing so, there is a big chance that performing management functions would be an easy task. In using the Google’s Api.ai, you don’t need to use code due to the reason that it requires less plumbing of the codes.

Handling cognitive services, intent call backs and endpoints could be a hassle on your part. It makes the process quite difficult in the function of your chat bot. However, with the API, the process is made less hectic and rest assured the process would be according to the expectations you want to achieve.

It’s Free

Making a chat bot requires an extensive use of resources. At some point, your budget would be at risk if you have the sufficient things required to make the interface. There is no problem to that if you would use the Google’s Api.ai in the building process.

You don’t have to pay any cent if you want to acquire it. Hence, it would be an easy and convenient way for you to have the accurate creation of the chat bot.

Intents Were Handled on the Right Manner

Language and text are essential in the right functions of the chat bot. Therefore, you need to make sure the language or the texts of the chat bot you are about to create would match so that this would have a successful function. The Google’s Api.ai gives you a sure advantage in handling the texts and phrases so that the process would be effective to be used in communication.

In addition, you are sure to have a great connection to the final output of the project. Google’s Api.ai sets recognized commands and controls that offer a fast and reliable approach in handling the testing and managing of the phrases, texts, and languages.

Accuracy in Its Functions

Building a chat bot not only requires the right functions but also the accuracy in performing that function. In using the Google’s Api.ai, you are assured to be accurate with the building process. You are not only given the less handling of the codes but an assured way to be accurate in the chat bot creation process.

Therefore, it would be to your advantage to use the Google’s Api.ai. By giving you a less hassle on your work, the successful functions would be achieved.

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