Why You Shouldn’t Use, Gramerly

Original article was published by JL Matthews on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Why You Shouldn’t Use, Gramerly

Because; you dont need it

Illustration by Gillian Henderson

Writings hard. We all know this. But today its important to remember that learning writing is more important than just putting words into an “Artificial Inteligence Program’ that will tell you, you’re writings good.

I edit my own work, I proofread, my own work. Sometimes, for important work, I have my writing mentor check for places where I can improve, my work. He will check for dangling modifiers, split infinitives, subject/verb agreement. He always sends it back real fast and says, “looks good”, so I know my work is good. After that, I proofread all my work by hand and it only takes me a week or too to check that everything is polished and that the work is good.

Sure. Most of my work gets rejected when I submit it to presitigous newspapers magazines and websites. But I am here to tell you that ‘AI’ programs like Gramerly; Heminway; and others are no substitute for nowing what your doing. Remember, even though I’ve never used those apps, I know they won’t check for things like repeated words. It’s important not to repeat yourself in your work.

I spent, nearly ten years in college; taking journalism; fiction; and english classes. I learned to write and I edited several publications while I was there and I wrote for my blog and I have written articles for: companes; non-for-profits; and websites.

When I have important work that I’m working on, I proofread it; alot. I use good; oldfashioned tools like: the Ap Style Guide; The Chicogo Manuels of Style; and others, like it.

Sure workin on work like this takes more time but your a writer! Its important to convey your ideas properly in your work! Sometimes, an editor will come back at me with ways to ‘fix’ work like run on sentences that are ‘scattered throughout the whole damn thing’ that I sent them and I tell them that I worked really hard on my work and that if they dont think that this work works for them that i have lots of over places that do!

So. If your thinking of using an ‘AI’ program to ‘help’ you with your writing then there is something for you to think about…Are you really cut out to be a writer? Shouldn’t you WANT to spend more time reviewing my work on my own to insure that all the spelling is right and the grammar was correct and the tone is right? It’s not just a practical concern, for me; it’s the principal of the thing.

In school, first graders second graders third graders all should be taught how to write. Our school systems spends too much time on things like math and science and ‘social studies’ but not enough time on good writing. I learned cursive and I wrote letters all the time and I learned that when you do these things, often, you become a better writer.

Puncuation is important.

Also, non-sequiters are a problem. Dont have them.

Use a thesaures and replace some of your common~used words with more non~common words. Remember, It’s important not to repeat yourself in your work.

People say that AI programs can help you write better but I dont think that’s true. Sure they might find some spelling mistakes but I dont think that they can help with things like tone. AI only helps check for obvious mistakes but it can’t help you with things like tone. Or with comma placement in compound sentences. Or with sentence fragments.

Finally, If you do decide that you need a “AI” proofreader, you should remember one thing,

Theirs nothing more important than a solid conclusion, and point to what your writing.

Prof. Nicholas Stenhouse (Nicky)
Chair, English Department
University of the Western Adirondacks