Will Coding Be Useless After Artificial Intelligence Can Write Flawless Code?

Original article was published by Chris I. on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

AI-coders may not be cost effective

OpenAI gave prohibitive cost a reason they’ve offered GPT-3 as an API rather than an open source package.

We’re hopeful that the API will make powerful AI systems more accessible to smaller businesses and organizations.

Given this, I don’t expect to see it as a $20/hour service on AWS anytime soon. Humans will be writing code until the price comes down.

At the current moment, we don’t really know what the price is, only that OpenAI has received about $1 billion in funding.

And while it could make sense for large dev shops to automate writing repetitive code (even at a high cost), software engineers in startups do a lot more than write code.

Daily activities include:

  • writing and reviewing tickets and code
  • discussing user experience
  • interviewing potential hires
  • discussing constraints on hypothetical features…

So a software engineer’s generalist skill set could still make them a good deal compared to an AI that can only code.

That said, it’s also possible that developers become product managers, using their technical/product skills in helping manage AI’s who do the coding.