Will Gen Z ever experience a tech revolution?

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Virtual Reality is cool, but not revolutionary. — Image: Maurizio Pesce / CC BY-SA 2.0

Will Gen Z ever experience a tech revolution?

Being Generation Z is crazy boring. I love innovation and new technologies, but I’ve never really witnessed a real tech revolution. Looking back over the last decade, it feels like nothing has happened in tech. I take everything for granted: The internet, iPhones, Facebook & Instagram, Spotify & Netflix, and Amazon. By the time I was a teenager and started maturing into an actual consumer, all of these tech products and services already existed. I missed the revolution.

The internet revolution is connecting the whole world. The sudden ability to exchange with friends and family around the world. Carrying all the information I will ever need in my pocket, having instant (and cheap) access to the whole world of entertainment, and having instant access to every product produced ever through Amazon. It must have felt crazy exciting to see this revolution happening, like one day someone giving you a superpower — I missed it.

This is me using the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 — It’s a cool gimmick, but I don’t seem very impressed. (Image: Michael Wieczorek / Golem.de)

There have been some innovative products and ideas released in the past few years. I’m a big fan of virtual assistants like Alexa and spent a lot of time in virtual realities with Oculus’ Rift and HTCs Vive. Still, they feel somewhat like a gimmick and not like a revolution.

It makes me wonder what will be the next big thing in tech? Maybe one of these four?

Autonomous Driving

For me, it’s the obvious one. It’s the reason I will never have a driver’s license. I’m quite sure the technology will be rolled out sooner than some automotive executives believe today. It will have a massive impact on both business and society. I genuinely think cities will change drastically, and radically new service offerings will emerge.

Brain-Computer interfaces

Imagine a chip serving as an interface between your brain and a computing system. Creepy? A bit. Revolutionary? Definitely! Imagine you could store and recall information with perfect fidelity or evaluating risks by crunching numbers at an astonishing speed. There is just one thing we should agree on: Let’s try not to end up as cyborgs.


The ability to access and understand the full genetic blueprint will be a pivotal point in human history. Having this code to our species will transform more than just healthcare. Education will get truly personalized. Insurances will take our genetic risks into account. Even Dating services might incorporate genetic information into their magical matching algorithms. The possibilities are endless. We will need to discuss as a society: How far do we want to go?

Quantum computing

Quantum computers could change our world. Or not. It’s one of those mind-bending concepts scientists work on for decades. So far, quantum computing hasn’t done anything — yet. Quantum computing has the potential to aid and extend the abilities of binary computing to unveil the biggest mysteries in our universe. The potential to cure diseases, improve our financial systems, and even combat climate change. Or never even get off the ground.

I’m curious to learn what you think the next tech revolution will be. Just write it here in the comments.