Woebot raises 8 million, Tensorflow 1.6,

Woebot raises 8 million, Tensorflow 1.6, Project Alexandria, Google ML course, Deep learning notations,…

On People…
Book release of “Tensorflow for Deep Learning” — Link

Computational social science is not equal to computer science plus social data — Link

Deep Learning notations by Ian Goodfellow — Link

On Education and Research…
Google releases new machine learning course for free — Link

Google releases machine learning glossary in Spanish, French, Korean, and Mandarin — Link

[Paper] Evaluating the stability of embedding-based word similarities — Link

[Paper] Averaged stochastic gradient descent with weight dropped LSTM or QRNN — Link

[Paper] Adverserial examples that fool both human and computer vision — Link

On Code and Data…
Tesorflow 1.6 is released — Link

Google releases new dataset and challenge for landmark recognition — Link

JupyterLab is released and ready for mass user adoption — Link

Code repository for Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming (by Peter Norvig) — Link

On Industry…
Novel antibiotic recipes could be hidden in medieval medical text — Link

Automated psychotherapy bot, Woebot, raises $8 million round of series A funding — Link

Worthy Mentions…
GitHub survived the largest DDoS attack ever recorded — Link

Allen Institute for AI to pursue common sense for AI via Project Alexandria- Link

How to conduct cross-validate PCA, K-means clustering, and other supervised algorithms — Link

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