Working with Google Colab and Google Drive

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Working with Google Colab and Google Drive

In the era of deeplearning we are really thankful Google for providing a wonderful platform for learning and experimenting.

I wanted to share a small experience for using Google Colab and Google Drive for experimenting and learning deeplearning stuff, google drive proves to be a great substitute of HDD/SSD (free 15 GB space).

Let say you want to experiment on your deeplearning code and you are running out of GPU access, don’t worry… Google Colab + Google Drive is a great workaround

Just create your folder in Google Drive, let say in our case ‘Demo’

Hit on New button on left of above screen.

Then create a folder name Demo

Once created transfer your data in that folder, in this case test.xlsx

So we have our data with us in our google drive, now its time to import this data and play around with it.

Lets switch to Google Colab Notebook and open a new notebook.

Now it time to pull our data from google drive to google colab

This would be the first step to connect with your gdrive

On click of the link in the above cell you will be prompted to authenticate yourself as genuine user of google drive account

On hitting Allow button a key will be shared.

Copy the key and paste is back in your google colab notebook.

and finally you will be prompted with

Now you have succesfully mounted your google drive in Google Colab, its time to go to our demo directory and our test data.

Now lets import pandas and our data in google colab

Boom! we have got our data in google colab and now we can do our experiment on GPU. Awesome!!! Thanks Google for this.

Happy ML|DL Learning!!!