World’s Fastest Supercomputer has identified 77 potential drug compounds for COVID-19

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World’s Fastest Supercomputer has identified 77 potential drug compounds for COVID-19

IBM’s Supercomputer Summit ran thousands of simulations to shortlist the most promising candidates for further exploration

COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge for humanity as casualties multiply every single day — at the time of writing, there are almost 1.1 million confirmed cases with 58,871 fatalities and 226,106 recoveries. Although the global scientific community has been scrambling in their effort to find a cure for the disease, the accelerated pace of the virus spread demands faster action.

Maybe we can use the cutting edge technology to solve the momentous problem that we are currently facing. While there are multiple possible trials that are being conducted on possible vaccination candidates (infographic below), the problem is most of these have a time frame of 12–18 months and that might put millions of lives at stake.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a U.S based startup, Insilico Medicine announced that is has used Artificial intelligence to identify molecules that can expedite the formation of treatment for COVID-19. The whole point in using the advanced biomedical technology is to find a cure in a matter of weeks rather than months. Multiple other companies are working on similar lines to finding an expedited cure.

To that end, if we are going to use technology to solve humanity’s biggest problem in decades, why not turn to the best? As reported by CNN, the World’s fastest supercomputer is being employed to do exactly that. IBM’s Summit has run thousands of simulations to analyze which drug compounds may be able to stop COVID-19 in its tracks.