World’s most advanced and Intelligent Video Search Engine ! [TalkToVideos]

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How it all started ?

From ages, we are habituated to orthodox methods for video search. The main reason was limitations with ever developing technologies. Artificial Intelligence has now emerged as a boom in the current technology era. The internet boom in past few years has just fueled the video cosumer base for endless video consumption with abundance of videos over internet. Various video search engines like, Google video, Youtube, Bing videos, etc have been providing users with the best user experience possible. And, it has been commendable so far. But, the question is… IS IT SUFFICIENT ENOUGH?

And, the bold answer is a clear NO !

Time is the most valuable commodity a human have. Time and again, we have been wasting minutes to hours behind finding a simple thing from the never ending list of videos. Even, education sector is not an alien in this case. Students and video learners struggle a lot in finding a simple fact from videos and playlists; especially when they are revising or taking quick notes for homeworks. News agencies have to dig into Billions of videos archives to find a short video segment of their use. And, it takes tremendous manual effort and time. Well, The community deserves something much better…

The Savior — Why bound your videos within folders ? [TalkToVideos] can give them wings.

The super intelligent TalktoVideos has been designed keeping in mind all the concerns a video consumer faces at current times.

It empowers enterprises and individuals add value to their video Library/archive. Its feature list is not limited to intelligent cross-language spot on search and fast response.

It has indexed and enabled super intelligent On spot Search for multiple Youtube channels and other video archives. You can visit the website here, and enjoy the rich and intelligent video content search experience for the first time ever.

I also want to try this revolutionary website … 🙂

We have currently featured KhanAcademy Videos to help students and video learners. Soon, we will be adding more channels from different sectors.

Visit the website here : [ Talk To KhanAcademy]

Disclaimer : Khan Academy is an American non-profit educational organization created in 2008 by Sal Khan, with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students. The organization produces short lessons in the form of videos.

Visit the homepage to see other featured channels list : [here]

P.S. More channels will be featured on the homepage very soon. Use Mobile Browsers for best UI experience. Webpage would soon be more responsive to other device layouts as well.

How does it feel on TalktoVideos ???

I am here sharing with you few snapshots that will guide you through the website. But, trust me the real worth is when you try it yourself !

The first moment you land on the website , you are welcomed with a very simple and easy to understand instruction on “ How to Use it “. See below.

How to use TalkToVideos

When you are aware with the easy peasy process of using the most advanced video search tool. Next, you will see a neat UI to take you on the cruise ride. Here, you will also see “How to use?” button on the top right corner in case you want to see the process again. You will also be provided with a few recommended Question Samples to ease the process on next level. See below.

homepage of Talk To KhanAcademy

TalkTovideos : What ? Still, you are waiting.. Ask your first Question. I am ready.

Ok, Let me show you How much smart it is ! See below.

Talk To KhanAcademy in action

Tap on the mic button. Now, ask your Question using your device microphone or simply type in your Question with the keyboard.

The moment you click on “Search” button, Magic Happens !

You will see a list of videos curated just for your Question, with little time stamps on the video progress bar. Those are the magic points containing the instant and exact answer to your Question.

You will have multiple results to decide the best result in your case. Because, we understand the varying need and multi-dimensional thought process of users.

Feeling Excited, isn’t it ? Try us for FREE !

You can also request us to index your favourite channel in our Featured Channels list; absolutely Free. If you are really interested to index your own or your favourite channel, drop an email to the point of contact mentioned below. Your valuable Feedbacks will also and always be welcomed.

Point of Contact :

Thanks !

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