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Tell the world how you imagine the future of data.

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Why become a DataSeries contributor?

DataSeries is a Medium publication powered by VC OpenOcean. We are looking for writers to propose content focused on data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, open-source, coding and other data-related topics.

If you’re an executive leading a data-intensive company, a data researcher or engineer, or a recognized expert in a related space, we’d love to promote your content on DataSeries Medium publication.

Publishing in DataSeries enables you to reach a broader audience and engage with DataSeries and OpenOcean network. You remain the only owner of your work.

Reach a broader audience with your articles.

We are one of the leading data publications on Medium and we have more than 20 years of experience in VC and data-intensive companies. According to Medium stats, our publication numbers in June 2020 were:

· 100,000 Minutes read (30 days)

· 70,000 Views (30 days)

· 4,100 Subscribers

Also, here are a few things we do to ensure your articles reach the largest audience possible:

We feature our best content on our social media Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure your article reaches the largest audience possible. In addition, we share the best articles in our team update in OpenOcean.

You will remain the only owner of your work and will be able to edit or delete it at any time, even after we have published it. We might directly edit your content to correct basic spelling mistakes and update minimal formatting before publishing your content piece.


How to get your article ready for publication with DataSeries.

We want to know how you imagine the future of data. We want to publish high quality, professional articles that people want to read. We have adopted Medium’s curation guidelines for every article we publish, so we ask you to follow these guidelines and propose articles that are relevant to our topics and mission statement.

We want our articles to be eligible for Medium’s curation and distribution. This is why your article should always follow Medium’s curation guidelines.

In particular, make sure you allow Medium’s curators to review your story. When you finish a draft and click Publish, you will see an option to allow curators to review your story. If the curators review and select your story, it becomes eligible for recommendation to readers via Medium’s homepage, app, and Digest email.

To increase your chances of being selected by Medium and increase your curation rate make sure to follow these steps:

  • Use Open Source images, and credit them: Use services such as Unsplash and Pixabay, and credit images with their copy and paste caption feature.
  • Find original story ideas: If you have read many articles addressing the same issue or explaining the same concept, think twice before writing another one. If you have a radical new idea then we want to hear from you. You will also have more chances of being curated by Medium.
  • Bring original content to your pieces: Bringing fresh information to your article gives you your plus-value as a writer. You shouldn’t just aggregate things that have already been written, but instead incorporate interviews, research papers and quotes from people who have worked in the topic area you are writing about. This is how you can make your piece stand out, and truly bring something new to the reader.
  • Write naturally: Unlike traditional media, you can write in your own voice, even with jokes or analogies.
  • Choose wisely your title and subtitle: Do not use click-bait headlines, but articulate titles that spark interest and are true to the content of the piece. Spend some time thinking up several possible headlines and subtitles, and working out which one sounds best.

Please be aware that if you don’t follow our submission guidelines, your article won’t be accepted.

Is your content relevant to DataSeries?

We publish a variety of intermediate and advanced levels. We want to provide useful articles based on real-world results to our readers. Our readers are mainly business executives, entrepreneurs, investors, product developers, AI researchers & engineers, academics, students, and people who simply want to know more about the future of data. Our goal is to educate and inform societies and businesses about the future of data — how the future will look like, how to build it, how to implement it, how something works, etc.

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What value do you deliver to your readers?

Make sure your article achieves its purpose. If you are looking to explain several concepts, ensure that these concepts are well explained, written in an orderly sequence, and illustrated with simple and accurate analogies. Use concrete language and visual imagery. In addition check for spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

Is your code well displayed?

If you want to write code lines in your article please don’t screenshot your code but use one of these two other solutions:

· Medium’s native code blocks & inline code

· Embed GitHub gists

Check your facts.

Whenever you provide a fact, if it’s not self-evident, let your readers know where you learned it. Tell your readers who your sources are and where your data originated.

Do not self-promote.

You can use your conclusion to link the original post and even a few relevant articles but please avoid requesting claps or having many links to your previously published articles. Your readers know that they can click on your profile to see all your posts. They also know that they can follow you, so there is no need to request it.

Choose your tags.

The more specific your tags, the easier it is for readers to find your article and for us to classify and recommend your post to the relevant audience.

Depending on the tags you choose, your post will be featured on our Insights or Technical page in Medium. Please choose precise tags as we can’t allow a post to be in all our categories at once.

Please add images.

A great image attracts and excites readers. That’s why all the best newspapers always display incredible pictures.

Feedbacks before submission.

Get into the habit of always asking a friend for feedback before publishing your article. Having worked so hard on that article, you wouldn’t want to let a silly mistake push readers away.

Your Medium profile.

Please include your name, a photo, and a bio. We don’t publish posts from anonymous people.

How do you submit an article?

To become a writer, please create a Medium account and send us your account link so that we can add you as a contributor. Once approved, you will be able to directly submit your content to us via your article’s settings you can choose the option: “submit to publication” and choose DataSeries. We cannot guarantee to publish every article submission.


· Can I send a post that I have already published on Medium? Yes, if it’s not already in another publication.

· Can I duplicate a post? Yes if the original article is outside Medium. But don’t duplicate a post that you have already published on Medium.

· Can I pay to get published? No, you will instead get paid by Medium for your articles according to their views and minutes read.