XYZ is 0 and (or) 1

Complementarity is the basis for sequence.

XYZ (Zero and-or one.) (Photo by Jordan Whitfield)

Uncertainty, relativity, and entanglement are XYZ. More naturally, zero, and-or, one. Meaning you cannot have a zero without a one, and-or, vice versa, because circumference (zero) and diameter (one) are joined and separated by pi (XYZ).

This is Zeno’s paradox, Hume’s guillotine, and the myth of Sisyphus, all rolled into one. It also explains why Hercules lost all his power when he cut his hair. Why any mythological story articulates mathematics.

This means complementary is the basis for sequence, and the law of identity, in mathematics, as well as the factors of production, in economics, articulate (and, therefore, must conserve) a circle.

This proves two (not-one) (any number) is the basis for mathematics, reality, and nature. Explaining reproduction, repetition, and redundancy (everywhere) (all around us).

Meaning the space between you and me defines us (both). This ‘space’ is more technically labeled ‘pi.’ This is because it is pi that confuses (and makes possible) the circular relationship between any (and every) ‘two’ and-or ‘three.’

Meaning you can more accurately label any constant in nature ‘two.’ Where ‘two’ means ‘zero’ and-or ‘one.’ And, also, half-the-time, ‘three.’ Throwing chaos into mathematics (re-introducing reality).

This explains relativity and gravity and clears up the problems integrating quantum mechanics with gravity.

It looks like this (a square is two circles) (Pythagorean triangle articulates a circle of squares) (a square is, necessarily two circles) (two triangles).

Circle, square, triangle. (Pi-diameter-circumference).

Therefore the concept of a ‘cube’ (any number raised to the power called ‘three) is actually just a ‘square.’ And, as proven above, a square is, always, just, a circle.

So, voila. Now you know everything about mathematics that most mathematicians have yet to figure out.

Or, maybe not, depending if you are a ‘mathematician.’

Meaning, and we all know this, we’re all mathematicians.

Complementarity as sequence, and, also, circularity (relativity and gravity) (uncertainty) (entanglement) proves there is an underlying structure in nature which makes itself known as rotation, revolution and radiation.

And, also, and, of course, sexual reproduction. See the diagram above. It articulates everything, and anything, you can think of.

But, at the end, and the beginning, of any day, or night, XYZ is zero and-or one. No getting around this.

Conservation of the circle is the core dynamic in nature.

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