You are just one click away from losing your job.

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You are just one click away from losing your job.

Yes, it has. The worst nightmare for a lot of us is already here.

We saw this in movies. We read about this in books. We got horrified watching this in one of those Black Mirror episodes. But we kept telling ourselves, it’s a work of SciFi. It’s not gonna happen to us. At least, not to me.

What if I tell you, it has already started.

I started my career in advertising. It was a pre-smartphone era. I was into client servicing. In simple words, my job was to translate the client’s brief into creative work. I would work with a graphic designer and a copywriter to get this done.

Since the beginning of the madmen era, the creative folks of the ad agencies started considering themselves as rockstars. It wasn’t easy to work with them. Advertising is a commercial creativity. It has to be timebound.

Man, it wasn’t easy to work with them. Especially when senior executives were protecting even interns of the creative department.

Cut to 2020.

We now have Canva, Grammarly, Stencil, Crello, Doodly etc.

I would have never gone to the creative department for many briefs. Instead, I would have subscribed to the paid versions of this software and got a lot of work done. That too, well before the client’s original deadline. Successfully. And I am sure, the result would have been impressive enough for the customers to pay for my client’s products.

I use Google Analytics and GoFrugal to analyze my eCommerce and retail data. And boy, they tell me a lot about the customers.

I used Myntra’s AI design tool Rapid to help my product designers for my brands. In some cases, I decided to go ahead with what Rapido suggested.

And there are many other such software and apps available.

Yes I know, you will argue that these Softwares are not substitutes of ‘genius human brain’. Yes, they are now. But they certainly are for the mediocre ones.

And that’s the entire point. If you have used any of these, you would know how they get better all the time.

Now add economic uncertainty because of Covid-19. I can easily not pay my monthly subscription for Canva but can i ask my graphic designer to quit? I shouldn’t on moral grounds.

But as a small business owner, I must protect my business against such uncertainty.


To improve productivity and to remain profitable in uncertain times, intelligent software provide a greater alternate to ‘mediocre employees’.

I am sure, the ‘brains’ behind this software are in pursuit of replacing the genius employees as well.