Your AI Overlords are Here

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Your AI Overlords are Here

AI revolution is here. AI will soon affect every person’s daily life. AI market is at $100B currently and is projected by experts to reach $6T by 2025. Experts call AI — the single most valuable technology in history. AI overlords are coming and they will soon dominate your life.

At GenesisAI, we are here to fight back. Currently, AI is owned by very few large corporations and nation-states; they have accumulated immense power. These oligopolies are acquiring all the good AI startups and are hiring almost every smart AI engineer. The most powerful technology is being accumulated in the hands of a few, right in front of our eyes. This is dangerous and is economically catastrophic for the people.

“Whoever becomes the leader in the Artificial Intelligence sphere will become the ruler of the world.” — Vladimir Putin

The new elite is emerging. Neo-feudalism is here. The middle class, soon, will be dead. The mega-corporations (e.g Facebook and IBM) are controlling robots (things that are automated) and AI (means to automate things). This gives them immense control over resources. Without these “overlords” nothing can be created or changed in the future. These companies will determine your life. If you do not conform, you will be excluded from the society. You will lose the ability to work, eat and live. More overlord’s technology improves (through machine learning), more effectively they will rule over you, as you will become more dependent on the automation that they provide.

In addition to AI owned by mega-corporations being dangerous, the monopolization of the AI is economically terrible for the people. Monopolists are pricing products much higher than they would if there were other competitors on the market, and hence ripping people off. Taking all the profits. Coercing people to pay the high price, and ultimately giving people no choice.

The end is near!

Building a global AI network is the only solution to take AI back and give it back to the people. The Oligopolistic system should collapse.

Until now, the creation of a global AI networking protocol has not possible. Advancements in AI are making this possible.

We created GenesisAI to fight back and give the power of AI back to the people. Our vision is shared AI for all.

GenesisAI is a web-based marketplace for AI products and services. The platform connects companies in need of AI services with organizations who would like to monetize their AI tech. GenesisAI is fighting back against AI oligopolies by creating the first, open access, marketplace of AI that does not exclude and discriminate anybody. Its benefits will be shared by all. GenesisAI offers protocol (a bunch of if-then statements ) for how AIs can work with each other, exchange data, learn from each other and leverage their capabilities. Anyone can participate by integrating their AIs with GenesisAI platform and anyone can get AI work done — fast, cheaply, securely.

If we do not smash the current oligopolistic system the prosperity that AI brings will accrue with an incredibly small set of corporations and nation-states. We need a global AI network to spread benefits of AI to the people

AI revolution is near and we need participants! We need you to overthrow AI overlords. Join the AI revolution through participating in our equity crowdfunding! We are closing on March 21st!

The sun will shine upon us again.

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