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How to use the TwentyBN platform to customize an intelligent avatar and sell your brand

It’s great to be back in New York City at #NRF2019, the biggest retail show in the world. This is an especially consequential event for us since our presence here is the marking of a major shift in our company’s trajectory. At the end of 2018, we shifted from being a technology supplier to a full-fledged product company, with the launch of our intelligent avatar, Millie. Now that we’ve demonstrated to the world that an A.I. can see and understand its physical surroundings, we are focused on evolving Millie’s business value by honing her skills to engage, delight and assist users across a breadth of industries in real time.

What powers Millie’s human-like awareness — the secret sauce, if you will — is our proprietary training platform, which generates video data by activating a community of crowd-actors from across the globe. This ever-growing data platform helped train our Supermodel A.I. in 2017 to identify daily actions in real time using a consumer-grade RGB camera as its “eyes”. This technology landed us some windfall business opportunities such as a partnership with a large automaker to develop a gesture control solution for its fleet’s infotainment system. We’re now leveraging our core technology to build upon Millie with the help of our platform to improve her skills, gain new ones, and increase the number of industries that she can serve.

Add Skills…and Loyal Customers

In today’s crowded consumer world, the biggest brands are finding it harder than ever to attract, engage and retain customers over time. To survive this ever-changing tide, brands must respond to customer demands with agility. Moreover, they must match the level of personalization offered by eCommerce platforms while offering consumers a unique brick-and-mortar retail experience. Millie is a powerful assistant that can help brands keep up with fast-shifting market trends as well as delight, add value, and create lasting relationships that build a coalition of loyal customers.

At her core, Millie is a product of agility. When we launched Millie at NeurIPS in December 2018, we designed her to sell red and black sunglasses to customers. To this end, we sourced over 350,000 videos in only ten days using our proprietary platform to train her to understand interactions involving selling sunglasses. With the ability to collect tens of thousands of videos per day, we can offer industry customers fast custom data collection that suits the specific needs of their respective use cases.

Thanks to our crowd-acting platform, we can endow Millie with more skills, intuition, and humanness in a fast development cycle, which makes TwentyBN best positioned to deploy intelligent avatars everywhere. Millie’s ability to see customers in real time and analyze their body language, facial expressions and other behaviors will help retailers and brands offer their customers an efficient, delightful experience.

Intelligent Avatars, Everywhere

We are in partnership talks with a technology provider that focuses on fashion recommendations about using Millie to help customers curate the perfect outfit. We have also received interest from a major North American women’s clothing retailer and a leading European supermarket chain in deploying Millie to help customers in their physical stores. Additionally, we are in discussion with a large consumer packaged goods company to employ Millie as a friendly instructional coach for best practices, usage regimens, companion products and more. Each of these use cases requires a different set of skills which we can quickly teach Millie!

Millie’s human interface and her ability to carry-on conversations with users is a testament to our commitment to change the way humans interact with machines. As we have now shown the world that more human connections can be achieved between people and intelligent avatars, we will continue empowering Millie with new skills to be able to more effectively help users accomplish their personal goals.

Are you interested in deploying Millie for your business? Contact us at and visit us at #NRF2019 at booth #7101 in the Innovation Lab. Follow us on Linkedin and Twitter or visit our website for more information.