Your Path to AI: Explore your data using IBM CloudPak for Data (14th October, 2020)

Original article was published by Mridul Bhandari on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Your Path to AI: Explore your data using IBM CloudPak for Data (14th October, 2020)

Your Path to AI is a series of workshops to get you started on your path to becoming proficient in AI. Each session consists of important topics in the Data & AI methodology so that you can learn its concepts and what tool IBM provides along with open-source to make your Path to AI easier.

The second session, which is Part 2 of Your Path to AI-series was conducted by IBM Developer Advocates Mridul Bhandari & Anam Mahmood which covered Data Exploration using IBM CloudPak for Data.

There were a total of 171 attendees including students and developers across the globe. The session started with a welcome note introducing the audience to Your Path to AI Series and was divided into two primary sections, one of the sections briefing the audience about Data Science, and another section was the Code Pattern.

The first part was led by Anam Mahmood, Anam started it off by introducing Data Science. She then explained the 1st step of Data Science Methodology — Data Collection and Data Cleaning.

The second session was conducted by Mridul Bhandari. He introduced the audience to the IBM Cloud and explained the data set which was going to be utilized for the hands-on. He then used Db2 on IBM Cloud to load the data. After that, he explained about Cloud Pak for Data as a Service (formerly known as Watson Studio). He then showed how to create a connection between the Db2 & CP4Daas Project. Then, the data was cleaned and joined using Data Refinery Tool and saved in the Db2 service.

At the end of the webinar, the attendees were introduced to IBM Developer resources. Many of the attendees showed positive feedback and appreciation for the webinar.